• Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How does MRCS differ from a Staffing Agency?

    A: We provide applicant screening, interviewing, and matching services. We assist in fostering long-term employment.

    Q: Is part of the applicant’s salary given to MRCS for their services?

    A: No. We receive a negotiated finder’s fee. That’s it. No other fees…really.

    Q: What type of employers can I expect to see myresume? Where do you get candidates from?

    A: Our employment matching model was developed with an emphasis on local small physician practices. We share and receive resumes with a large network of Affiliates in the local health care industry.

    Q: Do you guarantee employment? If so for how long?

    A: No one can guarantee employment but our unique screening process and large network increases our success. We will replace candidates at no additional charge within the first 60 days of employment.

    Q: As an applicant, can MRCS help strengthen my skills so that I can become a more desirable candidate?

    A: Yes. We provide training courses specific to the skills needed for the jobs we are matching.